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Baseball-TradingPins Disclaimer

Disclosure: assumes that its customers have the rights for usage on all trademarked and/or copyrighted logos and designs sent to us for reproduction. We will assume no liability in any trademark or copyright infringement disputes. The purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us or PATENT or COPYRIGHT Infringements. The designs pictured on this website are not for sale nor do they imply endorsement; they have been reproduced only as examples of the style and quality of the products available. Some or all of the pictures portrayed on this site are manufacturers samples and are considered to be the property of the manufacturer and/or end user. We reserve the right to use all trading pins we produce or are provided to us by our manufacturer in our advertising and marketing campaign.

Due to the extreme amount of orders received during the PEAK period that runs from June 10 to July 15 of each year, makes NO delivery guarantees during that period each year. We ask that you to consider this fact when ordering and we strongly urge you to order your pins early so that you are not left out on pin trading night!

Some of the more popular organaztions that demand trading pins are Cooperstown, USSSA, and Destination ImagiNation